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Professional Pest Control Massachusetts


We have a lot of customers who live near wetlands, conservation areas, and water; so naturally, they have insect problems from spring to fall. Although we aren’t exterminators, we do offer solutions with potent insecticides to control insects and pests like ants, grubs, hornets, wasps, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

If you have kids or pets and have ticks or fleas around your property, everyone is at risk for Lyme Disease. Help prevent the risk of exposure and the spreading of Lyme Disease by having us perform Perimeter Flea & Tick Control. We typically perform up to 3 applications if you’re near any water or marsh land areas; spring, summer, and late summer/early fall.

For 4-6 weeks after our application, you’ll notice a significant reduction of insects on your property. We perform 2 services within the Perimeter Flea & Tick Control; granular turf application and power-sprayed liquid application for trees, shrubs and perennials. The products we use are legal and certified by the EPA, so they won’t hurt anyone except the harmful insects that annoy us.

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Ants and grubs are typically a product of poor turf root structure and unhealthy soil biology. They’re very invasive and can quickly kill large turf areas by consuming nutrients and starving the root system, leaving behind a visual path of destruction. A strong and healthy turf root system will help thwart pests from residing in your soil. We can help you get control of lawn pests and then help repair and improve your conditions with our fertilization programs. Ask us about a free consultation & estimate today!

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  1. Hello, I just got off the phone withTruGreen and did not like the commercial aspect of their company. Talk to one person to be transferred to another.
    I am emailing you as we have a tick problem in Florence, MA. I live on Ryan Road and wondered if you treat lawns for fleas and tick and insect like the little brown and now black ants that are here. Our lawn is not perfect and we our OK with that. We have animals and Humans that love to walk and “ground”ourselves in our yard, BUT we cannot have the ticks on the animals and our selves. With the above being said, can we meet to talk about the needs of our lawn and treatment options and ways to reduce growth of these pesky (but necessary at times) bugs.
    PS: i have seen your trucks around town and like the quick and effective work that you do.

    • Marilyn, first off we apologize for the late response. We were experiencing some difficulties with our website.

      Yes this is something we do. We will be sending you an email today on this. Thank you for noticing our work! We work hard to provide the best service in all of Western Massachusetts.

      -Pioneer Landscapes Team

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