Lawn Programs

The Organic Lawn Program:

Easthampton’s Only Bee-Safe Organic Applicator


There are 3 programs to choose from;  Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver is designed to be the entry level of organic programs with a six-step chemical program.  The six treatments shall be applied at approximately 5-6 week intervals. The applicator will also spot treat some salient areas with weed control. Though the real emphasis of organic lawn care is to treat the soil with positive liquid inoculants, compounds, nutrients and organisms that improve the soil health so that the lawn can out compete the weeds and better take care of itself.

The Gold program adds aeration and the Platinum adds all the components from the other two plus two organic granular fertilizer applications.

Augmented by common sense cultural practices and improvements like aeration, liming, proper mowing, mulching and slice seeding the soil is slowly being transformed. The ultimate outcome Is a premium high quality non-toxic lawn that you can be proud of, that can better handle the yearly trials and tribulations of New England weather. In addition to this is the assurance that you have done nothing to damage your environment and actually improved it!